Monday, July 5, 2010

Turkeys are Beautiful, too!

I have been doing the Fabulous Photo Contest over at Wescrap. Each day they have a different prompt to encourage you to take photos!!

Today's prompt from Sarah really struck a chord with me. It is all about finding beauty in that which others might not necessarily find beautiful. I love that notion of seeking beauty - and finding it in the things that you are least likely to call beautiful. Beauty is so often found where we least expect it - if only we take the time to look closely. So thanks, Sarah, you made me see with new eyes today - and that is always a good thing!

Here is my photo - taken at Beacon Hill Park Children's Farm:

Even turkeys can be beautiful!

Happy Day, everyone!!!


  1. Aww, well, you're welcome!! Honestly, I LOVE this shot and I love your interpretation! =)