Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Concert Magic

I typically am not a huge fan of school concerts! i know, that makes me public enemy number 1 in good parent circles, but I always find they are overdone, stressful, and more about the performance than about the fun of singing and sharing the holiday spirit. Bah Humbug!

But of course, my children are always fabulous!!! And this year they really had a good time getting ready for the concert, and performing for family and friends. I think it was the fact that Josh got to sing about underwear, Emily got to wear her PJ's, and Ben got to dance to a rockin' Christmas tune, but I could be wrong!
Actually, I think it has to do with teachers letting the kids be kids and not making it such a production!!! Because let's face it - there is simply nothing cuter than a little person laughing through a song, or a bigger kid elbowing the kid next to him to make him smile for the audience. And of course, my kids were fabulous - maybe we should think about show business. . . I am definitely stage mother material!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

More December Dailies

How are your pages coming along??? I am now caught up and enjoying getting into the spirit of the season with a whole bunch of fun activities. My favourite photos so far have been of the kids making gingerfriends - they had so much fun and really did a fantastic job on the cookies - too good really - they are just too tempting!!!!! How are your December Dailies coming along????

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Always Playing Catch Up!

Well, after a week of computer issues, time issues and general chaos, I am playing catch up with my December dailies!!!! I have posted day 3- 7 and will post the rest of my pages tomorrow!!
I have been keeping up with a photo ( or 20) a day and making notes on journaling so putting the pages together hasn't been too tough!!!
Hopefully you have been able to be a bit more diligent than I have been - I promise to keep up with it from now on - after all there are only 11 more days til Christmas!!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 1st and 2nd

How is your album going? Here are my first two pages - I have so far managed to keep up - but we will see how it goes when I travel home to Calgary for the weekend!!! Remember - the most important thing is to take a few photos, and jot down some journaling points on a post it or in a little notebook - that way you can fill in the blanks even if you get behind!!! Have fun - leave a comment and post a link to your pages - I would love to check them out!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It is time to get started on your Daily December Album! If you haven`t been following along at weScrap, click the image above to go to the December Dailies forum for all the info - there is still time to get started and join the fun!!! remember to take your photo today - here are some tips and links to help you!!!

I wanted to give you a few photo tips and some links for more "professional" advice for improving your holiday photos! Many of these will be familiar to you, as I know scrappers are often some of the best photographers around!!!



Really. LOTS! And that doesn't mean 5. More like 50. If you have digital camera take as many as you can and delete the ones that you don't like - or better yet, print off collage of your worst, funniest, whatever holiday photos first - put it in your book, and then delete them! The more photos you take, the better your chances of getting a great one!!!


Make sure you get both horizontal and vertical shots! This seems obvious but sometime s we forget this and it makes your scrapping a ton easier if you have a variety of horizontal and vertical photos.


Take photos when people aren't looking - doing the everyday things that make life what it is. This album is all about the everyday, so catch people doing what they do!


Close ups of things like a plate of cookies or your special ornament can be wonderful additions to your album. Check out the links below for tips on lighting and framing inanimate objects.


I love close ups, and sometimes forget that the big picture is equally important. Don't just take close ups - sometimes the larger picture has a lot to say - for example your living room on Christmas morning!!


Oh, did I say this already - then it must be important!!!


Pass around the camera so others have an opportunity to share their point of view. This also means that YOU will be in some of the pictures!!! This is a good thing - you are part of the story, too and need to be included - I mean it - and I am the person who hates having my photo taken more than anybody!!!


Take photos of random stuff like signs, funny perspectives, coffee cups. . . they really do add to your album and make it interesting. They also can tell the day's story from a fresh perspective. My kids always laugh at me about this, but it sure brings back memories when they see them in our albums!


The links below all have really great tips for improving your holiday photography - be sure to check them out!!!


Don't stress about getting the "perfect" shot! While we all know that getting a great shot is cool and makes for fabulous pages, don't let getting the shot take over the moment - remember we are about creating memories and enjoying the moments - not just documenting them!

Fa-la-la-la-la! May your pictures be jolly and your holidays filled with joy.