Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Concert Magic

I typically am not a huge fan of school concerts! i know, that makes me public enemy number 1 in good parent circles, but I always find they are overdone, stressful, and more about the performance than about the fun of singing and sharing the holiday spirit. Bah Humbug!

But of course, my children are always fabulous!!! And this year they really had a good time getting ready for the concert, and performing for family and friends. I think it was the fact that Josh got to sing about underwear, Emily got to wear her PJ's, and Ben got to dance to a rockin' Christmas tune, but I could be wrong!
Actually, I think it has to do with teachers letting the kids be kids and not making it such a production!!! Because let's face it - there is simply nothing cuter than a little person laughing through a song, or a bigger kid elbowing the kid next to him to make him smile for the audience. And of course, my kids were fabulous - maybe we should think about show business. . . I am definitely stage mother material!!!

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  1. Yes, I could see you as a stage mother.............hugz
    from Janice