Friday, January 15, 2010

Cosmo Cricket Sneak Peek - 'Nuff Said!

No, this is not a flashback to the 80's, and my brief stint as a hair bow wearing, Madonna singing, stirrup pant Material Girl!!! ( Your welcome!) But I am absolutely in LOVE with the latest offerings from Cosmo Cricket!!!

Seriously, I could have cried with joy when I saw these wonderful new lines from my fave company ( no, really, not just my "fave that I say about pretty much anything", but my "Oh My God I love everything they do" fave!

I can't post everything here, but I will give you a taste and you can check out the rest on the Cosmo Cricket blog (where they just happen to have a super cool contest running, as well)!

Check out Material Girl:

Or how about a Joyride????

Or how about a little Garden Variety scrappy goodness??

Take a look at all they have to offer - I can't WAIT!!!!
Happy Day everyone!

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