Monday, June 7, 2010

Panthers, Projects and just plain Life. . .(a longer post to catch up!)

Does anyone else find this time of year overwhelming??????? Despite my best attempts to keep things in the realm of somewhat reasonable, between ball, end of year activities like concerts, field trips, special events and the general busy-ness of life, I am feeling- well, busy - as in too darned busy to get anything done!!!

I am back coaching my fastball girls again this year, and as always, it is a huge highlight!!! It takes a lot of time, but the Panthers are the best group of girls and so are their parents!! We recently took a road trip to Port Alberni for a tournament and came home with a silver medal - despite major rain and the cancellation of the final!!!

Nice field hey???

This is past weekend we hosted a tournament in our park and after one glorious day of sun, it poured rain again to cancel the playoffs, so we ended up with a bronze medal!!! But really - the best part is watching the girls have fun together:

And while at this weekend's tournament, I had Dave from take some photos of Hannah - I never get a chance when I am coaching and the results were really fabulous!!!

Thanks Dave!!!! I LOVE these photos!! If you are in Victoria - please check him out!!!!

And just in case you think I have been a complete Slackbooker ( a scrapbooker who is currently slacking from scrapping!! - I just made that up!!) I have done a few layouts lately. . .

Hope your June is as fun and full as mine!!! Happy Day, everyone!!!

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  1. Those are great photos, J. I relive so many memories just looking at your pictures. (insert happy tears here )I know it is a lot of work for you but you will have these special memories to keep your heart warm when you get old like me. haha..
    My young life was spent carting girls to games all over the country. My youngest daughter was also a back catcher and played ball for years. She even played with me when she got older. That was one advantage to having children so young. My other daughter bowled and curled with me. Ahhh memories.
    Love your layouts. See you soon.