Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Joshua Green aka "Baseball Guy" and 12 Winning Sports Layouts

I have been sharing a lot of photos from Hannah's ball team this year, so now it is time to show some of the photos from Josh's Learn to Play adventures.
Now known as Joshua Green aka Baseball Guy, he is a very keen ball player - at least until he doesn't get the ball - then it is an entirely different story! He looks forward to it, and I have admired the way he keeps playing, despite the challenges a team sport can present for a little guy like Josh! Here are some highlights:

Now that I have all of these photos, I went looking for some online inspiration for some layouts that would make the most of my photos - I found a great article with examples on Scrapbooks, etc Magazine's site - 12 Winning Sports Layouts !!
Check it out, and watch for my take on some of these coming soon to a blog near you!!!
Happy Day everyone!

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