Monday, January 2, 2012

More 12 days of Christmas Layouts

I promised to post my 12 Days of Christmas layouts as I completed them, so here they are as promised:

Day 4 focused on Christmas Decor - I took photos of some of the special ornaments and decorations that Have found their way onto my tree and around my various homes for as long as 30 years! ( Yes, that makes me feel very old!!)

My Day 5 task was to create a layout based on seasonal song lyrics.  I was so happy to be able to find a cool way to scrap my fave photos from last Christmas - Joshua as the miserable shepherd in the Christmas Eve Nativity play.  After fighting with the other shepherds over the crooks, jockeying for position around the baby Jesus, and pretending to smoke hay from the manger ( a crowd favourite), Josh finally settled for looking completely bored!  This year he was NOT a shepherd.

It is really great to have the kits all ready to go ( we prepped them in the days before Christmas) - makes completing layouts relatively painless - and I am only 4 days behind!

Happy day, everyone!

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  1. Both are great LOs Jacquelin..loving the "bored shepherd" lol!!
    Hugs xx