Thursday, September 9, 2010

How many days til Halloween, Mom?? ( and some blog candy for you! )

The answer - 53.

Yes, it is that time of year. The time of endless discussions about Halloween costumes ( apparently witches are "lame", Luke Skywalker is "too old school", and puppies are "for kindergarteners"!)

I admit it , they come by it honestly! I love Halloween and have been happily ( and sometimes tearfully!) sewing costumes for 13 years. It gets a little harder each year - not sure I can keep up with all the flash of purchased costumes!!! I will keep you posted on what is on the agenda for this year!!

In the meantime, I have been having some fun with last year's photos and one of the new Halloween lines, Blackbird, from My Mind's Eye:

And then, of course, is the inevitable annual carving of the pumpkins:

Keep checking back for more Halloween inspiration, along with some layouts using the yummy One Fall Day collection from Bella Blvd!! And I would love to hear you favourite costume ideas - leave me a comment by Sunday September 12th at 11:59pm PST for a chance to win some Halloween goodies from me!!


  1. great layouts!! so cute! awesome that you make all their costumes... saves a bunch of money for sure =) can't wait to hear what your kids will be this year. My DD wants to be cinderella....again.. hahahaa


  2. First of all I am loving that paper and how you made such a great "frame" that really bring the eye right to that cute photo in that first layout!! As for my fav costume I had lots of fun being a big blue m&m once.... and last year a friend of mine went hunting in some vintage and second hand places and put together a fabulous 50's airline stewardess costume!! It was GREAT!!

  3. Great layouts Jacquelin. I love the halloween layout and the kids look great in their customes.
    My of my favorite customes that I made for my youngest son was a x-mas tree with blinking lights and a blinking star on his head. It was very funny and cute.

  4. Fabulous LOs Jacquelin - those papers are cool!
    We don't often do Hallowe'en here but the best (probably the only) costume my DS had was as a devil - dressed all in black with horns,tail and a bright red fork!
    Sue xx

  5. I love Halloween layouts! This year the girls want to be gypsy's. I had bought them some cool costumes for the generations parade at the end of school. DD was a gangster girl from the 20s and Emmy was a girl from the 50s with a cute poodle skirt. I'd like them to wear them again but they want new costumes. My favorite was when the twins were two and dressed up as elehants. Super cute!