Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ocean Friends!

We had a fabulous morning (Ben, Em, Josh and I) up at Bamberton Provincial Park - just north of Victoria. It is one of our favourite beaches for exploring and beachcombing, so we got up early enough to be there for low tide at 8:50am!

We found a moon snail - the coolest creature ever! They start out enormous:

Then as you gently squeeze the water out:

You can see how they fit into their shell!

Emily's eagle eyes spotted this amazing little sunstar - how she saw it in knee deep water is mind boggling for my old eyes!!!

The boys also had a great time collecting and identifying at least 5 different kinds of clam shells, plus oyster and mussel shells as well!And of course they always love the sand dollars!

The beach was completely empty except for us - our own private paradise!!!


  1. wow, how awesome.. I would love to find anything like that floating around on a beach.. what great finds.. amazing that snail.. that thing is huge.

  2. What a great way to spend a morning - though I draw the line at handling snails!lol
    Sue xx

  3. You're tagged, pretty lady! =)


    Great photos at beach!