Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I {heart} Seattle!

I have been MIA for a week because my sis and I took a mini trip to Seattle for four days last week! Despite the fact that I only live 85 miles away ( by water!!!) I have never been to anywhere in Seattle but the airport! My sister flew to Vancouver from Calgary, I picked her up and we were off on our road trip!!

It was also the longest I have been away from my kids ever - 3 whole nights!!! Which some may call pathetic, but I still missed them a lot and saw so much that I want to share with them!! That being said - it was a great trip despite the requisite cool and cloudy weather! (And I got my hug fix from this "cool" guy at the waterfront!! ;)

We saw the Space Needle ( no one told me that elevator was on the OUTSIDE of the building!),

Experience Music Project ( despite my love for Rockband, a music career is NOT in my future!),

the Science Fiction Museum ( a highlight for me - yes, I am a Star Wars geek!),

and of course Pike Place Market and all of its colours, sounds and smells!!

I, of course, had to make the pilgrimage to the original Starbucks - so small and oh so crowded - I must to admit to taking photos and then going up the street for my actual coffee!!!

Friday night was the big highlight for me - a Seattle Mariners game at Safeco field. It was so much fun, despite their not so fabulous performance ( we lost 6 - 2 to the Twins). Who knew garlic fries could be so delicious????? :)

The only crisis of the week was that I (gasp!) forgot my battery charger for my camera, so I have very few photos!!!! I had only a mild panic attack when I realized this, and I managed to get a few good shots the first couple of days!! Then I borrowed my sister's, well, less than up to the standards of my beloved Canon Rebel camera, and took a few shots on it. The unfixable date stamp thing droves me crazy, but hey, it was a camera!

I will be using my friend Anna's trick of using postcards to scrap this trip!!! It was a great adventure and I am pretty sure their is a return trip in my future - we only saw a fraction of the sights and sounds of this fabulous city!!!


  1. What a great getaway Jacquelin - you make Seattle sound awesome!
    Sue xx

  2. Glad you had fun, sorry you forgot the charger. One of the best times of my life was spent at a Mariners/ Blue Jays game in Seattle along with 9 of my girl friends.