Thursday, October 22, 2009

Under the Sea

I promised last week I would put up some photos of our trip to the new Ocean Discovery Centre in Sidney, so here are a few! It is a really cool place, with lots of opportunity for hands on fun for the kiddos! Emily loves the whale skull (above), while Josh and Mark liked the touch tank!

I was fascinated watching the jellies, as was Josh! they really are the coolest thing - and I love this photo!!

Ben and Hannah voted for the very large ( and I would add, creepy) Giant Pacific Octopus. The thing actually swims over top of you, because of the tank design - freaky, but fun!!!

Another reminder that we live in a remarkable place. I loved how my kids could name all the creatures, and knew all about their habitat and how to protect it. I am definitely and Islander now - no going back to the prairies for me!!!
For more info, check it out here: Ocean Discovery Centre !!!
Happy Day everyone - check in tomorrow for more about the Think Pink Crop at weScrap and a fun little weekend project for you!!!!

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  1. That is one cool Jelly photo! I love it. sounds like you all had a great time. Can't want to see the layout ;)