Monday, April 26, 2010

No, really, I am still blogging. . .

Ok, I figure I have done my time in hospitals for the last 3 weeks! Two stays for me and now my MIL is in (she had a heart attack, but fortunately is doing well after surgery!)

So, now REALLY I am back to blogging on a semi regular basis!!! YAH!!! I have been working ( very slowly!!!) on my art journal, so will have some stuff to post there, and also have got some layouts done that I will be sharing this week! I have been enjoying incorporating some new techniques into my scrapping, so hopefully you will find some inspiration here!!!

Thanks for hanging in - more actual content is coming tomorrow - no, really, it is!

Happy Day, everyone!


  1. Good Grief Jacquelin, please take care of yourself - FIRST !

    Rest, get your energy back, and maybe cut down on some of the 'busyness' of life.
    Sending warm healing hugs

  2. Hugs J! Hope you are feeling better! I hope your MIL is on the med too! (((hugs)))