Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My First Art Journal Page

I am absolutely LOVING Art Journaling 101 over at Get It Scrapped. The instructor, Dina Wakley, is fabulous - you should definitely check out her blog HERE!!!

Below is my very first art journal page - I have to say that it is allowing me to reflect more deeply on my daily life and the emotions that usually live below the surface. I am slowly learning not to care so much - just to create and engage with the process, no matter what the "finished product" looks like! Very liberating, I have to say!

This one is called {fear of change}

I am still working on the collage development and adding more written text is next. I love the various media that can be used - anything from magazine pictures or words, to vintage images to fabric and little bits of ephemera that find there way into the corners of my craft drawers. Not to mention all the paints, inks, gel medium and texture medium and fabric and and and. . . !!!

Finally my many years of saving absolutely everything has a purpose!!!

Happy Day everyone!

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