Thursday, November 19, 2009

December Kit Sneak Peek , Photoshop and NEW MOON!!!!

I cannot WAIT for this kit to arrive - it is in the mail as we speak and some of the other Design Team member have it already! It is called RUBY SOHO, which sounds lush and rich and apparently the kit is, too. I know it has some of Basic Grey's Indian Summer Line, as well as lots of other goodies! I am super excited to get it and hope it comes today so I can play with it this weekend!

It continues to be rainy and miserable here in Victoria - the good news being that I have no choice but to scrap in this weather (well, I could clean, but you know how I feel about THAT!!!).

It seems that there is a never ending source of photos that need to be scrapped! I finally put 40( yes 40!!) layouts into an album . The pile has been steadily growing since September!! I found a great little site that has lots of great tutorials and actions (ALL FREE) for Photoshop, so I have been workin on that, too! I really want to make use of the program for improving the quality of my photos. There is a blinkie link in the right sidebar - it is here for you as well - lots of fun stuff to try out, whether you are a beginner or more advanced user!!!

Now for some fun news - I am very excited that I get to take Hannah and her friend Madi too see New Moon on Friday afternoon!! yes, we are skipping school - we did for Twilight, too!!! Gotta make it an event!!!! Hannah is now officially a Team Jacob girl, but I am still hanging with the vampires!!! If only I was 5 years ( OK 15????) younger, sigh. I actually am more of a Team Carlyle woman!!! LOL!!!! Check it out here:

Happy Day everyone!!!

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  1. I'm jealous, you're getting this kit AND going to see New Moon!!! I want both of these too!! LOL