Sunday, November 6, 2011

Surprise! A Layout About . . .

ME!  Yup, it's true - I actually did a  layout about myself - and there are even photos!  I am pretty notorious for avoiding the camera, preferring, as I think most scrappers do, to hide behind the camera and take the pictures!

I recently decided to do a challenge over at WeScrap that was a layout about myself!  YIKES!!!
First, I really had to hunt to find a couple of pictures of me (  and ones that I actually was willing to scrapbook)!  I realized how few photos I have of myself and how I am pretty much absent from our family scrapbooks! 

We all need to create pages about ourselves.  Yes, we hate having our photos taken.  Yes, we are never completely satisfied with the photos of ourselves. Yes, it seem weird to do a page about me.  And YES, your family really wants to see you in the family scrapbooks - they want to know more about you, as a child, as a teen, as a young adult, as a mom, partner, sister, daughter and friend.

My friend Joyce always asks where the photos of me are - everytime I post photos on Facebook - but she is right! ( Do not tell her that though - I will never hear the end of it!)  I need to be in the photos more, and share a bit more of who I am in my scrapbooks!

So here goes - a page about me!

Now let's see one about YOU!!!

Happy Day everyone!

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  1. Love it Jacquelin!!!
    Gorgeous photos and lots of fun. :)
    Will you be scrapping your ukelele lessons???
    Hugs xx