Sunday, May 16, 2010

Handwriting Tips for Scrapbook Pages

Today's post is for all of you scrappers who hate your handwriting, and therefore never journal because you never quite seem to make it to the computer to get it done.

Anyone who has ever taken any of my classes knows just how strongly I feel that journaling needs to be a part of every page!!! Otherwise it is just a very pretty photo album!! Journaling is the heart of sharing the story, and yes, I know YOU know all the back story about your photos, no one else will if you don't share it!!!

By far the biggest reason I hear from class members is that they "hate" their handwriting. Well, I am here to tell you to leave that crabby grade school teacher who criticized your writing behind, and embrace the uniqueness of your own story in your own hand!!!

Still not convinced??? Click on the link below for lots of great inspiration to get you handwriting on your layouts today! Your family ( and anyone else who sees your albums!!!) will thank you!!!

Handwriting Tips for Scrapbook Pages

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